Printed labels, covered in polyurethane resin gives these labels special, tri-dimensional look. By doing that, we ensure long-term sustainability of the label, aswell as enhanced look of the label that will for sure catch an eye or two. Coupled with a better look, the label is also resistant to mechancial, chemical and enviromental effects and boasts with 20+ years of durability under those conditions. Labels are printed using high quality digital or solvent print, depending on the requirements of the label.

3D labels are mostly used for advertising purposes, they are also used in labeling in different industries that require their durability. They are placed on finished products, machines and signs as they are very durable and don’t deform for a long time.

Every 3D label is unique, that is why we approach the creation of each label as a new project. We advise you at the usage of 3D labels, from your starting idea, sampling and all the way to the finished product.

We offer you price-efficient and quality 3D labels. For production of 3D labels we only need your desired printed graphics on 3D labels, dimensions, shape and quantity.